Friday, February 15, 2013

A word on standardization for this blog

Greetings!  I feel it is time for me to set down a set of standards for my blog so that none get confused.  I have renamed and reformatted all of my blog entries for the sake of standardization. 

11.       All Powershell specific posts will be labeled as “Powershell Script DYI” for Search Engine Optimization.

22.       All variables and filenames will be some variation of “Foo.”  “Foo” is an industry standard catch all term describing a generic file.  I use this for the sake of standardization

33.       All IP addresses will be  This is so that if you do use my scripts, you do not accidentally get into a protected network.

44.       The folder we work out of will always be c:\Temp. 

55.       All usernames will be either John Reginald Doe or Jane Renee Doe

66.       All commands / code will be indented and Italicized and all variables/objects will be bolded.

Thank You & Have an excellent day!